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Each Project KKI takes on has been carefully curated and collaborated with the client.  In the beginning phases of the projects we spend time to understand where the clients want the project to go with priorities and budget. There are a few details that matter when you're wanting a project done and completed is priority of TIME, QUALITY and BUDGET.  In order to meet our clients standards and expectations we have to have a priority list.  With higher quality items, the budget grows as well as the timeline.  If we look at more "in stock" quality items that still look high end but don't require custom, then we can push the budget and the timeline to where we want it to go.  These are important factors when curating a project and putting all the puzzle pieces together. Once we have undergone some beforehand items, we execute the plan of the spaces with our vetted tradesmen and General Contractors. Clients receive weekly updates and timelines once we get ordering to head into their BIG REVEAL by the end.  This process should be FUN and EXCITING and KKI is who you want to hire in order to achieve your home's maximum potential. 

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