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W H O  I S  K K I  + W H A T  W E  D O

Hello party people and welcome to Kimberley Kay Interiors...I'm Kimberley Kay....but y'all can call me Kim! I'm a California Girl born and raised, but currently reside in Chandler, Arizona with my husband and 2 kids! 

Kimberley Kay Interiors is a luxury boutique firm in Chandler, AZ and is bringing you some bangin' new interior/exterior spaces that invite, add function, and feel full and cohesive! This company speaks to real clients who want real spaces to brighten their lives and work directly with Kim! KKI's jam is full of Coastal, Transitional, New Traditional and Modern inspired spaces that we can curate to make things as pretty as they can be!  We handle projects that are mostly QUICK (not as quick turn around spaces that we can make SING without too many hardscape changes....BUT if you're in the market for an entire new kitchen than we can do that too! When it comes to quick turn around projects KKI will take on projects that mostly consist of all NEW furnishings and need minor updates (i.e- backsplash, countertops, wallpaper focal walls, painting and some other minor adjustments in addition to new furnishings) then we're all yours! If you're looking for this and a team who can execute it like a BOSS then KKI is where it's AT!  

W H A T  N E X T? 

KKI is super FUN, ENERGETIC and EASY to work us for a won't regret it ;-)

W H A T  W E   B E L I E V E   I N 

1.  Putting God First in all things we do 

2.  Passion for Design and all things pretty 

3.  Community outreach and serving others

4.  Integrity/above and beyond client service

5.  Learning in all things we do to grow 

6.  Positive vibes all around

W H A T  Y O U  G E T  W H E N  Y O U  W O R K  W I T H  K K I

1. Straight talk direct with owner, principal designer Kim 

2. Clear and concise communication throughout experience

3. Quality and vetted trade vendors

4. High quality Customer Success 

5. Many other things to name a few! 








A E S T H E T I C S   C R E A T E D  A T  K K I  








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