H O M E  +  O F F I C E   F U L L   D E S I G N  +  S T Y L E

**Local Projects to AZ: Currently taking on projects with a minimum budget of 100K to spend on furnishings only in addition to Design Fee.  Not taking on Remodels at this time.

**Out of state interest is a minimum budget of 150K to spend in addition to a minimum 20K design fee. 


For the client that would like a Full Service experience from start to finish! This client is someone that would like a minimum of 3+ spaces designed, executed and styled like an HGTV revealed space. 


 -Design + Sourcing List 

 -Communication via Email M-TH 9-4pm

 -Full Day Install 


H O U R L Y  C O N S U L T I N G (Depending on availability)


 -Not taking on any hourly consulting at this time.